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03/12/13 03:29 PM #1    

Kim Burton (Plautz)

Welcome to the Cottonwood High School Class Of 1973 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/23/13 08:24 AM #2    

Brad Howes

Dear Steve Naccarato,

Our deepest condolences to Steven Naccarato for the death of his father, he was a great man.


Brad and Teresa Howes



12/24/13 03:19 PM #3    

Tim Sandall


No words can express the feelings you must be going through.... My thought and prayers are with you.


Tim Sandall

05/16/15 01:19 PM #4    

Brad Parkin

Hi Kim,

I have weekly interactions with Reed Wahlquist where we volunteer together at a youth detention facility.  I've mentioned our CHS Facebook group to him and I'm sure he'd like to join the club.  How do I get him in?  

Happy belated Mother's Day to you and all the Cottonwood Mamas out there!

Brad Parkin 

05/17/15 12:30 PM #5    

Joan Athens (Knudsen)

Hi Brad, Joan here. Is Dr Walquist on fb? If so you can just add him or invite him. Just click on the chs site then click on members. I think you can add him there. 

08/13/15 04:29 PM #6    

David Barfuss **

Ifound a box of stuff from Woodstock Elementary.  has anyone kept in contact with Kim Meier or know here she is?  She might enjoy what I found.  Dave

08/14/15 09:56 AM #7    

Patricia Burrows (Rosner)

Dave, Kim has a brother named Joe Meier who is a dentist on 900 East and about 5200 South. If you contact him, maybe he can help you find her.  


08/15/15 06:44 AM #8    

David Barfuss **

Thanks so much Patricia  or AS i seem to remember Patti

09/01/15 01:18 PM #9    

Joel Johnson

dave, some stories are coming out on facebook that you were quite the tease in elementary school!!!! hope yu had a happy birthday!

08/31/17 12:43 PM #10    

Patricia Burrows (Rosner)

Kim, Our classmate and friend David Barfuss passed away on November 29, 2015. I saw his Obituary in the paper..  

Patty Burrows

09/02/17 10:52 AM #11    

Lorraine Dell

HI Patty.....I got that posted...Thanks for the notice...

09/30/17 04:59 PM #12    

Kathy Adams (Richards)

Kathy Adams Richards

Four weeks ago Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with a vengeance. Even though our street was flooded with 2 feet of rain water and our home was surrounded by water, miraculously it remained dry inside! Another 1" and we wouldn't have been so fortunate. Thankfully  the rain stopped, our levee held and the mandatory evacuation order was lifted. We are feeling very blessed. Please keep the people of Texas in your prayers. Many thosands were not so fortunate and have a long recovery ahead of them.



10/01/17 01:30 PM #13    

Brad Parkin

Hi Kathy,

Yep I get it.  Spent a couple years in the Memorial area of Houston in the mid-80s and saw torrential rains, Hurricane Alicia, tornadoes, a once-in-a-century hard freeze, even a plague of locusts, then a 4-alarm fire in my apartment building!  All the while, the oil and real estate crash, massive bank failures and people I knew going to prison for their roles in that mess.  

Happy to hear you dodged the bullet.  


Brad Parkin, SLC, UT  


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